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eHealth brings together the technologies of unique identification, authentication and encryption to provide the foundations and solutions for the safe and secure exchange of healthcare information.

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The protection of our privacy is one of the key priorities leading up to the widespread adoption of eHealth in Australia.

Privacy compliance is a fundamental principle for NEHTA, both in terms of meeting legal obligations and community expectations.  NEHTA is committed to the ongoing consideration of privacy within the context of its work with a view to avoiding and mitigating privacy risks.

A privacy management framework has been developed to ensure that privacy considerations are integrated into the design, management and policy development associated with the range of eHealth initiatives across NEHTA’s work program.

Privacy Impact Assessments below:

ETP Privacy Impact Assessment

HI Service Privacy Impact Assessment




NEHTA Your eHealth Travels With You

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eHealth is about electronically connecting up the points of care so that health information can be shared securely.

Our role is to facilitate the transition to a connected system where every Australian is at the centre of their healthcare.

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