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eHealth brings together the technologies of unique identification, authentication and encryption to provide the foundations and solutions for the safe and secure exchange of healthcare information.

Our Work

What are eHealth Sites?

A key element of the PCEHR system’s implementation has been through the development of lead eHealth sites, managed overall by NEHTA. eHealth Sites are made up of health sector organisations collaborating and partnering to progress components of the PCEHR system in practical settings at a geographic or sector functional level. These include introducing capabilities such as electronic health record repositories, electronic discharge summaries or electronic medications management capabilities. Most eHealth sites involve chronic and complex disease patients, young mothers and babies and some with focus on indigenous Australians.

The key objectives of these eHealth sites are to achieve national demographic coverage, widespread coverage across the healthcare sector, deliver early benefits and demonstrate new and innovative concepts.

The eHealth sites were initially set up progressively in two stages, or waves.

Wave 1 and 2

The first-wave sites will use eHealth infrastructure and standards around general practice across state borders.

The first-wave sites were operated by:

  • Hunter Urban Medicare Local

  • Metro North Brisbane Medicare Local

  • Inner East Melbourne Medicare Local

The second-wave sites expanded on this approach, and will allow key information exchanges between healthcare providers and specific health groups and provide substantial geographic coverage.

The following nine organisations were selected to develop a Project Implementation Plan to run a second lead eHealth wave site:

  1. Accoras

  2. The NSW Department of Health

  3. Cradle Coast Electronic Health Information Exchange (Tasmania)

  4. Calvary Health Care ACT Limited

  5. A consortium of Government, GP Networks and Aboriginal run health services from NT, SA and far north WA

  6. St Vincent and Mater Health Sydney Limited

  7. Fred IT Group Pty Limited

  8. Medibank Private Limited

  9. Mater Shared Electronic Health Record



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eHealth is about electronically connecting up the points of care so that health information can be shared securely.

Our role is to facilitate the transition to a connected system where every Australian is at the centre of their healthcare.

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