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eHealth brings together the technologies of unique identification, authentication and encryption to provide the foundations and solutions for the safe and secure exchange of healthcare information.

Our Work

eHealth Foundations

Specifications are now available for identifiers, clinical terminology and secure messaging.

eHealth Foundations combine the basic technologies of unique identification, authentication and encryption to provide a safe and secure method of exchanging healthcare information.

With our partners the Department of Human Services (DHS) and through significant stakeholder consultation we have designed, built and now implemented the Healthcare Identifiers Service. Healthcare identifiers are essential for importing a patient’s information into their eHealth Record.

To ensure clear, unambiguous clinical communications between health IT systems the National Clinical Terminology and Information Service was established to develop a common, coded clinical language (clinical terminology).

To ensure the identity of people and organisations involved in each eHealth transactions requires quality credentials. The National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) will provide this by issuing digital credentials, including digital certificates managed through a public key infrastructure (PKI).

Secure Messaging (SMD) specifications developed by NEHTA are now published by Standards Australia. NEHTA is supporting these specifications by providing a Compliance and Conformance Assessment (CCA) scheme.

Conformance Compliance and Accreditation (CCA)

The Conformance Compliance and Accreditation scheme has been established to support the delivery of a consistent, effective and sustainable conformity assessment approach for Australia’s health IT sector, particularly where health IT systems interact with each other and the national eHealth infrastructure.To find out more information on CCA and related documentation, including the eHealth Register of Conformity, please click on the button below:

More information > CCA



NEHTA's eHealth Foundations include:

The HI Service, operated by the Department of Human Services, will give individuals and practitioners confidence that the right health information is associated with the right individual at the point of care.

Practices are moving away from exchanging clinical information through mail or the patient’s hands. These manual procedures of creating and/or transmitting patient information between points of patient care give opportunity for error in the continuum of care.




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eHealth is about electronically connecting up the points of care so that health information can be shared securely.

Our role is to facilitate the transition to a connected system where every Australian is at the centre of their healthcare.

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