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Secure Messaging v1.0.1

Name EP-1566:2013 Secure Messaging v1.0.1
Identifier EP-1566:2013
Version 1.0.1
Published Date 19-12-2013
Contact Products and Solutions Development
Identifier Name Publication Date
EP-1566:2013 Secure Messaging v1.0.1 19-12-2013
EP-0998:2009 Secure Messaging v1.0 28-12-2009

NEHTA’s Secure Messaging provides software developers with information and tools to assist in the implementation of Secure Message Delivery (SMD) and Endpoint Location Service (ELS).  Information for healthcare providers wishing to use secure messaging is available at

Through collaboration between NEHTA and the software industry, Standards Australia published Australian Technical Specification (ATS) 5822 E-Health Secure Message Delivery (SMD) in March 2010.

ATS 5822 is supported by the following foundational specifications which are common to other eHealth solutions, including Electronic Transfer of Prescription, the Personally Controlled eHealth Record, and the Healthcare Identifiers Service:

  • ATS 5821 E-Health XML Secured Payload Profiles
  • ATS 5820 E-Health Web Services Profiles

The above publications are available via

Product Components of Secure Messaging v1.0.1

Identifier Name Published Date
NEHTA-1402:2013 Endpoint Location Service - Client Library Product Data Sheet v1.0 11-10-2013
NEHTA-1261:2010 Endpoint Location Service - Common Certificate Use Values v1.0 15-11-2010
NEHTA-1158:2010 Endpoint Location Service - ELS WSDL XSD v1.3 15-11-2010
NEHTA-1156:2010 Endpoint Location Service - Solution Design v1.3 15-11-2010
NEHTA-1157:2010 Endpoint Location Service - Technical Service Specification v1.3 15-11-2010
NEHTA-1215:2012 Endpoint Location Service - Vendor Library .net ELS Client v1.0.2 06-06-2012
NEHTA-1214:2012 Endpoint Location Service - Vendor Library Java ELS Client v1.0.0 06-06-2012
NEHTA-1218:2012 Reference Platform NEHTA - Server Cert using DigiCert (Commercial CA) v1.0 23-11-2012
NEHTA-1406:2013 Secure Message Delivery - Client Library Product Data Sheet v1.0 11-10-2013
NEHTA-0999:2009 Secure Message Delivery - Overview v1.0 28-09-2009
NEHTA-0637:2010 Secure Message Delivery - Qualified Certificate Reference v1.2 05-03-2010
NEHTA-0640:2010 Secure Message Delivery - Qualified Identifiers v2.0 05-03-2010
NEHTA-1000:2009 Secure Message Delivery - Technical Overview v1.0 28-09-2009
NEHTA-1213:2012 Secure Message Delivery - Vendor Library .net SMD Client v1.0.5 12-11-2012
NEHTA-1212:2012 Secure Message Delivery - Vendor Library Java SMD Client v1.0.2 06-06-2012
NEHTA-1211:2012 Secure Message Delivery - Vendor Library Java SMD Client WSDL v1.0.2 06-06-2012
NEHTA-1339:2013 Secure Messaging - Release Note v1.0.1 19-12-2013